In order to avoid a gigantic and chaotic list of links, I’ve organized my links into a couple distinct pages. Right now, this is a work-in-progress, so many of the links remain here on this page; but you can click on Orlando Literature below to access the first full “page” of links that I’ve completed.

Orlando Literature:

Small-Press Authors I Follow:

Small-Press Publishers I Admire:

Lit Mags I Admire:


I love The Best American Short Stories. I really do. I love traditional short fiction that creates honest characters, that–in the words of my old mentor Jeanne Leiby–“tells a story and tells it true.” But I also love literary magazines that push the boundaries of storytelling in new and different directions (particularly with regards to mixed-media and graphic literature). I don’t like experimentation for experimentation’s sake, or cleverness designed only to convince you that the author is clever. But I do want to post and showcase some of journals and magazines that I admire for offering a wide range of non-traditional fiction:

(Florida Lit Mags):

(Online Lit Mags):

(Lit-Themed Blogs)


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