Nathan Holic is the author of Bright Lights, Medium-Sized City, a sweeping portrait of the city of Orlando as it hits rock bottom during the housing meltdown. The book is now available for pre-order at the Burrow Press web site, with the official release party scheduled for Saturday, November 9, in downtown Orlando (link here). Order now, and you’ll get your book early!

Nathan Holic is also the author of The Things I Don’t See (a tiny but awesome novella), and American Fraternity Man (a big big (yet equally awesome) novel). He is the editor of the 15 Views of Orlando anthologies, and the Graphic Narrative Editor at The Florida Review literary journal. He writes fiction. He writes nonfiction. He draws comics. He teaches writing courses at the University of Central Florida. He enjoys pretzels. He often wanders his garage and wonders what he was looking for. He has three children under the age of four. He enjoys beginning sentences with the word “he.” Also, he hates writing his own bio. So.

Bright Lights Cover 3D.png

One response to “Home

  1. Hi Mr. Holic, I saw that you read the book by ormund Powers about Martin Anderson of the Orlando Sentinel newspaper. I’m actually curious if you knew either mr. Powers or mr. Anderson or if it was just a book you decided to read. I’ve ordered it and honestly I’m trying to find out as much about mr. Anderson’s history as possible. It’s a long story, but I believe I may be family. I would appreciate any input you could give me.
    Jennifer Lee Clark

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