Graphic Narratives

Selected Graphic Narratives & Artwork:


Check out the Tumblr I created to showcase work created in my “Rhetoric of Comics” class, Fall 2015

And here’s what the Orlando Sentinel wrote about my course.

And the short blurb featured on my college’s web page!

And what Nicholson Student Media wrote about it!


Original Graphic Narratives:

After the Storm,” at Redivider

Postures,” a comic-memoir at Sweet: A Literary Confection

“Power Lines,” at Bridge Eight (print)

Orlando,” a comic drawn in response to the Pulse shooting, at Green Mountains Review

Mark’s Days,” comic in Knee-Jerk Magazine

Date Day,” a comic created for the Orlando Transit Interpretation Project

“Clutter,” an ongoing graphic narrative at Nailed Magazine

Table of Contents

1: new season, new options

2: apartment living

3: downtown living

4: neighborhoods of orlando

5: bookshelves

6: entertainment center

7: outdoor living

8: glassware

9: planning your remodel

10: prep your remodel

11. paint

12: the master bedroom

13: celery ice: the color of summer!

14: fragile accessories

Footsteps,” comic in Red Fez

My Life in Gadgets: MySpace, Facebook, Blogger,” comic-memoir in Fiction Fix

My Life in Gadgets: The George Foreman Grill,” comic-memoir in Sweet: A Literary Confection

“My Life in Gadgets: The Nintendo Watch,” comic-memoir in Welter

On Seeing Yourself in a Comment Board for a Movie in Which You Starred at Age Fifteen, Which You Had Hoped Was Forgotten, but Has Now Reappeared on Netflix Instant Play,” comic in Palooka (excerpt available online)



Fight For Your Long Day – a comic adaptation” (author: Alex Kudera), a new comic in the Fight For Your Long Day: Classroom Edition reprint

Single Stroke Seven – a comic adaptation” (author: Lavinia Ludlow), in Entropy.

“Fight For Your Long Day – a comic adaptation” (author: Alex Kudera), an ongoing graphic narrative at Atticus Review

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

You Can Make Him Like You, a comic adaptation,” (author: Ben Tanzer) in The Way We Sleep anthology (Curbside Splendor, 2012)

The Gift – a comic adaptation” (author: Ben Tanzer), in LITnIMAGE

Kitty – a comic adaptation” (author: Lindsay Hunter), e-book at Artistically Declined Press

The Bee-Loud Glade – a comic adaptation,” (author: Steve Himmer) in Atticus Review

alt.Punk – a comic adaptation,” (author: Lavinia Ludlow) in Nailed Magazine

Just Do It – a comic adaptation,” (author: J. Bradley) in Ham Literature


Other Work:

Check out the cover I drew for Lavinia Ludlow’s novel, alt.Punk.

Check out the cover I drew for Lavinia Ludlow’s novel, Single Stroke Seven

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