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Orlando Literature, Orlando Writers (and Orlando Alumni):

Great art isn’t always born spontaneously. It doesn’t just appear out of nowhere. Great art, I think, is often a reaction to something: a current event, perhaps, or (as I detail in other sections of my site) a previous generation’s successes or failings.

I’ve lived in the city of Orlando for more than a decade now (with just a little time off, here and there), and I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a city that is more corporatized and manufactured: we are the home of both Disney World, a monumental achievement in “fake,” and Darden Restaurants, the parent company of such mass-produced ethnic/cultural eateries as Olive Garden and Red Lobster. We are a city of big-box stores and sprawling look-alike neighborhoods and high-revenue megachurches. Want a more detailed characterization of the city of Orlando? Check out this great profile from National Geographic. When it comes to McDonaldized, mass-produced culture, there’s Las Vegas and there’s Orlando…nobody can touch these two cities.

But on the other hand, I also believe that Orlando is home to a thriving cultural scene that exists as a reaction to the above artificiality, much like the Seattle-based grunge rock movement was seen as a reaction to the artificiality of the glam rock era of Los Angeles. I’m not going to make grand pronouncements about “changing the world” or anything, and I hope that I don’t have to live through some poor Orlando writer becoming the next Kurt Cobain…but I will say that we’ve got some extremely interesting artists in our community.

As editor of the 15 Views of Orlando anthology, it’s become not only my mission, but also my privilege, to truly immerse myself in the community of Orlando writers and editors that I live amongst, and to share those authors with the world. While this page can never be as comprehensive as it should, I hope that it offers you just a glimpse of the genuine talent that lives and writes in the shadows of the artificial empire of Theme Park. Below, I tried to assemble not just the author sites for some of our best writers, but also links to some of their work. Check. Them. Out.

Literary Publications and Publishers

Orlando-Area Literary Events

  • Functionally Literate
  • Zora Fest
  • Rollins College: Winter With the Writers
  • There Will Be Words (Orlando’s first prose reading series)
  • Culture & Cocktails (monthly reading series at Maitland Art Center)

Orlando Prose Writers

Orlando YA Novelists

Orlando Poets

Orlando “Alumni” We Will Continue to Claim (they’re ours, damn it! hands off!):

2 responses to “Orlando Literature”

  1. I did not know this existed, interesting!
    As a local author & poet I write a lot about ‘The City Beautiful, So I’ll shamelessly share and hope you enjoy:

    Tumblers by Sean Black http://t.co/UivsN7NK

    Longitudes by Sean Black http://t.co/HFaohA6X

    Another is out of print (Naples/Tampa/Orlando), and a 2nd poetry comp is near complete.

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