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  • ADHD Comics

    It’s the end of October, which (some of you might know?) is ADHD Awareness Month. For awhile now, I’ve been crafting comics about what it feels like to be a parent of a child with severe ADHD, though these comics currently exist only on my computer and in various file folders scattered throughout my office. […]

  • 2022 Updates

    Happy 2022! I realized, just recently, that I haven’t updated my web site or my blog since…well, since a month before the pandemic really descended upon us. I’d imagine that’s relatively common for most of us, as we’ve seen our lives demarcated into two specific eras: Before Pandemic, and In the Years of the Pandemic […]

  • Lit Hub

    I’ve got a new comic essay out this week at Literary Hub. It’s a reading list of my favorite / most influential hybrid novels. There’s a watercolor of a book eating me. You should read it (screenshot below):

  • Book Release Round-Up

    It’s the start of December here in Orlando, which means that I am stuck in the whirlwind of my book release. The book officially saw local release in early November, with my truly amazing book launch party at The Orange Studio in downtown Orlando. But the “street date” for my book release is actually December […]

  • Some Q’s and Some A’s

    Greetings, Universe! We are two weeks away from my book launch party (Saturday, November 9th, at Orange Studio in downtown Orlando), and it’s exciting to see that people (like, real people!) are indeed talking about the book. To learn a little more about Bright Lights, Medium-Sized City, and the long journey toward publication, check out […]

  • Book Release, and Orlando Authors to Know

    Greetings, world! Two quick items, hot off the press (not sure what the new expression is for internet news, since there is no printing press involved with this stuff, but I’ll leave that to someone smarter than me to figure out). Item #1: Details for my hotly anticipated book release party are now revealed! Check […]

  • Bright Lights, Medium-Sized City

    Once again, I’ve neglected my poor web space for far too long. But there’s big news to report! My new novel, Bright Lights Medium-Sized City, will be published this Fall by Burrow Press. The official release date is in December, and you are of course free to wait those many months…But it would be far […]

  • Summer ’17 Updates

    Hello there, world! Look here: a blog post! It’s been a wild few months since I’ve updated the blog, but I wanted to update my readers on a few writing endeavors that they can read, and/ or look forward to. First, I’ll have an article in the Summer edition of Pegasus Magazine, the lush and […]

  • Book Covers and Comics!

    A couple quick updates, from Nathan Holic the artist (as opposed to Nathan Holic the fiction writer, or even Nathan Holic the editor or Nathan Holic the sometimes-blogger)! Last Fall, I had the opportunity to teach a class called The Rhetoric of Comics. It was a blast, and I savored every second of it. I […]

  • Cincinnati Review

    It’s been a little while since I’ve posted, and I keep forgetting to post/update, but I figured: today is a good day for a blog post. If you haven’t already seen/read, The Cincinnati Review (and author Don Peteroy) did a great write-up of my new novella, The Things I Don’t See. Check it out here! […]