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  • Marketing My Writing Part III: Amazon

    Yesterday, I finished creating my Amazon author profile. It’s right here, and it feels really good to have that tiny corner of Amazon all to myself. There’s something official about appearing on Amazon, having my book for sale in the world’s largest marketplace. There’s something affirming about it, even if the idea of appearing on […]

  • 15 Views: Volume II

    Today is Wednesday, March 27. Tomorrow night, we will celebrate the release of 15 Views Volume II: Corridor, a book which collects stories about the Metro Orlando region, and stories about the Tampa Bay region, all written by writers representing those areas. (“Corridor,” if you’re unfamiliar is the name given to the stretch of I-4 […]

  • Best of Orlando

    Tremendous news from here in the heart of the City Beautiful: 15 Views of Orlando, the collection that I compile and edit with Burrow Press, was recently recognized by the Orlando Weekly in their annual “Best of Orlando” issue. There was no “Best Book” category (which really speaks volumes about the perception of Orlando literature, […]

  • 15 Views of Orlando Continues

    I’m not sure if I’ve posted about it here before, but now’s as good a time as any. Our second sequence of “15 Views of Orlando” stories began a few weeks ago, and it’s going full-steam ahead. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of the “15 Views of Orlando” collection, it’s pretty simple: because Orlando, […]

  • How to Write Orlando

    The second part of my interview/ conversation with author Lavinia Ludlow is now up at Curbside Splendor Publishing. Amongst other things, we discuss how the Florida humidity affects characterization, and how the tourism industry impacts Orlandoans on a daily basis. What’s it like to grow up in the shadow of the mouse, and to have […]

  • Talkin’ ‘Bout Florida

    Hey, speaking of “Florida” and “Orlando” as viable settings for literary fiction… I’ve got an interview/conversation with punk-rockĀ  writer Lavinia Ludlow (author of alt.punk) up at Curbside Splendor. We talk about the differences between “Florida” and “California” fiction, and both of us expound upon the importance of writing about mid-major cities…in Lavinia’s case, that means […]

  • A Round-Up of Updates

    Got a lot of cool links to share: First, a fantastic review of 15 Views of Orlando at Saw Palm, the literary journal of the University of South Florida. The editor of the journal, John Fleming, is fantastic, and he’s working hard to cultivate literary community in the Tampa Bay area (much like Burrow Press […]

  • 15 Views of Orlando – RELEASE PARTY!!!

    The above subject heading uses three total exclamation points, which–in the words of my old mentor Jeanne Leiby–is the lifetime total allowed to a writer. And man, I used them all at once. But the subject certainly calls for some exclamation points. If you didn’t know (i.e. you don’t ever talk to me, or you […]