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Book Release, and Orlando Authors to Know

Greetings, world!

Two quick items, hot off the press (not sure what the new expression is for internet news, since there is no printing press involved with this stuff, but I’ll leave that to someone smarter than me to figure out).

Item #1: Details for my hotly anticipated book release party are now revealed! Check out the Facebook event page here! We’ll be holding the party at Orange Studio in the Mills/50 neighborhood of downtown Orlando, on Saturday, November 9. Pre-order the book, and it will be available for pick-up. The party’s gonna be off the chain, ya’ll. (Or…as “off the chain” as a literary event can be. I’ll work on finding a more appropriate expression here, too.)

Item #2: The Orlando Weekly recently put together a list of “10 Orlando authors you should know,” and I was excited to find my name on the list! I’m pretty sure I’ve never been featured in a listicle before. This calls for a drink. (As of the writing of this post, it is 9:30 AM. So I will postpone the drink. But you can drink, if you’d like. no judgment.)

Hopefully I’ll have more news to share soon! Reviews. Online excerpts. Interviews. More listicles? Oh, what a time to be alive.

Best of Orlando

Tremendous news from here in the heart of the City Beautiful:

15 Views of Orlando, the collection that I compile and edit with Burrow Press, was recently recognized by the Orlando Weekly in their annual “Best of Orlando” issue.

There was no “Best Book” category (which really speaks volumes about the perception of Orlando literature, even here in our fair city where we should be aware of the talented writers who call the area home), but the editors did give a great write-up of 15 Views of Orlando, labeling “Best Local Mirror.”

Check out the link here.

Interestingly, Orlando’s famous “Mr. Gold” (who was mentioned in Ashley Inguanta’s short story in 15 Views of Orlando…best mirror indeed!) graced the cover of the Orlando Weekly and earned a full feature-length profile as “Best Sport.” Mr. Gold is a town fixture, and never fails to cheer me up as I drive that wretched stretch of Colonial creeping out of downtown. It’s great to see him go from conversation piece (known to locals, discussed over beers, etc.) to the cover of a magazine, which sort of solidifies his place in the Orlando mythology.