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  • Book Release, and Orlando Authors to Know

    Greetings, world! Two quick items, hot off the press (not sure what the new expression is for internet news, since there is no printing press involved with this stuff, but I’ll leave that to someone smarter than me to figure out). Item #1: Details for my hotly anticipated book release party are now revealed! Check […]

  • Bright Lights, Medium-Sized City

    Once again, I’ve neglected my poor web space for far too long. But there’s big news to report! My new novel, Bright Lights Medium-Sized City, will be published this Fall by Burrow Press. The official release date is in December, and you are of course free to wait those many months…But it would be far […]

  • Orlando

    Oh. hello there. The week after the shooting at the Pulse nightclub was a difficult one for many of us in Orlando. I tried to organize my thoughts in comic form, posted the imagesĀ on Facebook, and then was deeply honored to have Green Mountains Review publish the final comic on their site. I often use […]