15 Views of Orlando

Over at the Burrow Press blog, we have officially launched the “15 Views of Orlando” project, a collaboration between fifteen different Orlando authors which will provide a multi-faceted characterization of a city that we all—as residents, past and present—know has a lot of character, but which is too often acknowledged in the same bland and one-dimensional way. For the project, we’ve recruited authors young and old, established and aspiring; we’ve got teachers and students, novelists and editors; the project is to be a work of fiction, but we’ve got authors whose background or expertise comes not simply in fiction, but also in poetry, memoir, journalism, and blogging; the 15-part story will take place entirely within the Orlando metropolitan area, but some authors are lifelong residents, some are transplants, and some have moved as far away as New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. The authors’ views of the city will be both dark and light, sad and funny, optimistic and cynical, epic and tiny, as scattered and (yes) schizophrenic as the city itself. Quite simply, this will be a literary portrait of the city, but also a showcase of the town’s literary talent.

To read more, check out my introduction to the project (the above was a short excerpt) at the Burrow blog.

I guarantee: this will be the most fantastic thing ever created.

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