15 Views of Tampa

Over the past year and a half, I’ve made a lot of postings about our 15 Views of Orlando project (published at The Burrow Press Review, and collected into a print collection from Burrow Press). Well, there’s further good news about the collection: we’ve started franchising!

Well, that sounds maybe too-corporate and too-McDonald’s.

But we’ve recently tackled our second city/region, with the awesome John Henry Fleming serving as editor of 15 Views of Tampa Bay. Fifteen Tampa-area writers writing about the Tampa Bay region in one long, winding, sequential story. Some big names, too, that–if you have any interest in Florida Lit or the Bay Area–you’ll want to check out. You can read his introduction to the series here, and new installments are available weekly at The Burrow Press Review. I honestly can’t say enough about Mr. Fleming; he’s a stellar writer and a stellar editor, and it’s a true honor that he’s helped to make the 15 Views series into a true Florida institution.

We’ve had some good press already, too, from the University of South Florida, and the Tampa Bay Times. Run, don’t walk, to BPR to get started reading. You won’t be disappointed.


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