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  • UCF Book Fest

    The UCF Book Festival schedule is out! Check it out here, and be sure to visit my two panels/events. The first is: How Fiction Writers View Orlando with Burrow Press, at 11 AM on Saturday, April 5 (on the UCF Arena main stage). The second is: The Life of an American Fraternity Man with Nathan […]

  • Ahh, January

    Start of the year. Time to clean out the closet to make room for all the new crap you got over the holidays (including the new, larger pants you’re now forced to wear after having torn through the bottom of the last pair). In the spirit of Spring-cleaning and de-cluttering, check out my latest column, […]

  • American Fraternity Man – A Halloween Excerpt

    In honor of Halloween, a short excerpt from my novel American Fraternity Man (with some never-bef0re-seen “deleted” material that had been left on the cutting room floor, but which I’ve recovered for this extra-special blog posting), in which the narrator (Charles Washington) enters his ex-girlfriend’s sorority house on the evening of Halloween. Ever seen a […]

  • The Reviews Are In…

    I’ll be flying to Chicago tomorrow to say goodbye to a much-loved uncle. I write a great deal about the struggles and difficulties that we face when attempting to be “the right kind of man” in a culture that’s tugging us in a thousand different directions, a thousand different conceptions of manhood, and I should […]

  • Functionally Literate

    (Hope to see you there! Super-stoked about this, especially because it might very well be the last reading at Urban ReThink. So come. Be part of history.)

  • Book Trailer – American Fraternity Man

    The first American Fraternity Man book trailer is on the YouTubes. Share and share alike! Soon, I’ll write a posting about my experience with book trailers, my feelings about book trailers as a genre, etc. But right now, regardless of the final effect of such marketing efforts, I’m just really excited about this final trailer. […]

  • Marketing My Writing Part IV: Blurbs

    It is with great pride that I submit to you the following statements about American Fraternity Man, written by authors for whom I have tremendous  respect: The culture of Greek life is both skewered and embraced in this take-no-prisoners coming of age novel from debut author Nathan Holic. Here, you’ll meet one character who has reached the conclusion that […]

  • The Drunken Odyssey

    Just prior to my book release party this past Saturday, I sat down with John King, host of the literary/writing life podcast “The Drunken Odyssey.” It’s a fun conversation. We talk about my book American Fraternity Man, and fraternity life in the state of Florida, and hazing, and alcoholism, and road trips, and mixed-media literature, […]

  • Goodreads

    American Fraternity Man is now on Goodreads. Help a brother out, and add it to your “want to read” or “currently reading” (or whatever) shelves. And whenever you’re finished, just give it a little rating and/or review. There are a few things that make me truly sad in this world: an empty playground in the […]

  • Release Party

      Be there.