UCF Book Fest

The UCF Book Festival schedule is out!

Check it out here, and be sure to visit my two panels/events.

The first is: How Fiction Writers View Orlando with Burrow Press, at 11 AM on Saturday, April 5 (on the UCF Arena main stage).

The second is: The Life of an American Fraternity Man with Nathan Holic, at 1 PM, in Room Cypress B.

All is free to the public, and copies of my book will be available (for sale by the UCF Bookstore). Yes, I’ll obviously be signing copies.

Other Notes:

I unearthed another review of my book. Check it out here: Quite Spectacular.

And I wrote another column, which is currently up at the UCF Today web site: it’s called “The Anxiety of ‘Read It Later.’” I’ll post links when it goes to Huffington Post and Context Florida, also.

Oh, and finally, I’ll be leading a workshop called “Revising Your Novel” on April 1, at the Orange County Public Library. More specifics on this very soon.

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