Writing Updates

A couple quick updates on my writing life:

My novel, Status Updates From the Traveling Role Model, was long-listed at Black Lawrence Press for their annual Big Moose Prize. Doesn’t count as publication, obviously, but it’s great to see–upon my first real submission–that I’m not completely crazy for dedicating so much of my life to the book. I’m confident it will find a home, so long as I find the right publisher.

My short story “Mom Judy” is in the final round review at Limestone, out of the University of Kentucky. Fingers crossed there; they’re an attractive journal, and that’s one of my favorite stories I’ve written.

Some production delays with my piece at Cooweescowee, but still looking forward to seeing “The Pile-Up” in print sometime this summer.

Also looking forward to my piece in Venice Magazine this July: a road trip down the Gulf Coast to discover Florida’s best microbreweries!

And we’ve just about finished the schedule for “15 Views of Orlando” at Burrow Press. What is it, and why am I even mentioning it here? To build suspense, of course. Full details will be released shortly, but if you’ve ever longed for serious fiction set in the city of Orlando (and if you’ve read my blog, you know that I have!), then this will hopefully satisfy that craving.

One response to “Writing Updates”

  1. Just browsing your site and saw this bit about you working on a novel. Have you heard of Ig Publishing? I saw them at AWP earlier this year and they seemed amazing (in terms of vision and of getting the work read and being invested in those they work with). As far as small presses go, they seemed really, really, really cool. Just thought I’d mention them if you’re shopping it around. Here’s their website, though their color scheme hurts my eyes: http://www.igpub.com/

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