Today, I’m proud to share the short comic adaptation I created for Lavinia Ludlow’s claustrophobic, germophobic, punk rock wannabe-turned-insider odyssey alt.punk.

I haven’t written much about alt.punk here on this blog, not because I’ve got nothing to say about it, but because I was the book’s editor and didn’t really feel it was appropriate for me to chime in with a book review.

I respect the hell out of Ms. Ludlow, though, and I’m so happy that her inimitable voice has helped her to find a real audience (rumor has it that she’s got a second novel set for publication with Casperian Press). We worked so hard on that manuscript that it almost made her sick to ever look at it again…so, in order to make her look at it again, I drew up my version of one of the earliest chapters. (I also drew the cover, a style I hoped was super-scratchy and DIY, and I hope that translated to the comic, too)

You can check out the comic here at Smalldoggies, an online magazine where I’ll soon have a serialized graphic novel on display. (More on that later!)

I always dig the Ludlow shout-outs, too, and she’s spoken about the editorial process in quite a few of the internet interviews she’s given. If you’re interested, you can find the links on my “Links” page (that’s a good place for ’em, methinks).

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