Stocking Stuffers

For those of you looking for the perfect stocking stuffer, might I suggest 15 Views of Orlando (the book for which I served as the humble editor)? I get no kick-backs from sales. All proceeds go to benefit the Urban Think Foundation, and Page 15 (the literacy organization under the foundation’s umbrella), and it’s gotten some great recent reviews.

Check out what The Nervous Breakdown, and [PANK] had to say about 15 Views of Orlando.

And if you’re still looking for stocking stuffers, check out my other book recommendations at the Urban Think page here. (Click on “Burrow Press” to see my picks.) Extra incentive: purchases made by clicking on these links will result in proceeds for the foundation, also. So buy some books, and then feel good about yourself!

Oh, and then there’s this, too: The Way We Sleep, a beautiful coffee table book full of essays, stories, interviews, and comics, is still available at Black Friday prices here (10 bucks). I’ve got a comic collaboration with Ben Tanzer in this anthology, but there are many artists with far more talent who contributed. Check it out!

Also, check out the latest installment in my comic adaptation of Alex Kudera’s Fight For Your Long Day here at Atticus Review, and then go buy a present for a poor, underpaid adjunct teacher.

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