Reading Books While Burping My Baby

My baby is no longer a baby. He’s a toddler. And he doesn’t need to be burped, obviously. The kid can put down some food.


But for the year 2012, I wrote a column at Burrow Press Review (and Burrow Press Extra, the BP Tumblr site) about my reading habits over the course of the first year of my fatherhood.

At some point, we hope to release the essays  as an e-book, with original content not previously published. But here is one of the final short essays that I wrote in February/ March 2013, in which I take inventory of how many books I was able to read, and what these books say about me.

Taking Inventory of Books Read While Burping My Baby

It’s actually the final note of a three-part essay about my sucky reading habits when it comes to female authors. If you’re in the mood to read all three, just use this bullet-pointed list:

Oh, and one final link: here is the latest installment of my Fight For Your Long Day comic adaptation. I haven’t been as quick to put out new comic installments, simply because [insert excuse about being busy here], but if you’ve followed along, or if you’ve read the book, hopefully you’ll dig it.

4 responses to “Reading Books While Burping My Baby”

  1. I wanted to let you know that your class was one of my favorites so far in college…You’re a great teacher and I learned so much. Your class inspired me to start reading more than ever, to keep writing, and to create a blog.

    Thank you!

  2. Thanks so much, Michelle! I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed the course.
    I teach another online course called “The Essay as Cultural Commentary” (which I love), but unfortunately I don’t think I’m teaching that for the next two semesters.
    How is everything? You should be graduating soon, right?

  3. For some reason I did not see that you wrote me back until just now. I’ve heard of that class–when do you think you’ll be teaching it again? Everything is going alright! I actually won’t be graduating for a while because I took a year off for health reasons and actually just started back this semester. So this is really only my second semester. Plus, I’m not in school full-time. So maybe I’ll still be able to take your class!

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