Speech and Consequences

For your afternoon reading, here in May, my final personal essay for my year-long stint on the UCF Forum (a group of eight faculty and students who wrote a syndicated column every week on an alternating basis). To read a little more about the UCF Forum itself, check out this article in the Central Florida Future.

My final column, which has a different name depending on which publication chose to pick it up and run it, was one of my favorites from the year, and actually surprised me by getting republished in the Ocala Star-Banner. At the start of the year, the columns were getting syndicated and picked up mostly by online publications (Huffington Post, notably), but the last couple have appeared in print newspapers as well. Below, you’ll find links to a few of the publications that have run this final essay. Let me know what you think, and if you haven’t read any of the other essays from the past year, head over to the “Publications” tab at the top of the page, select “Nonfiction,” and you’ll get a rundown of them all.

This is What Happens When We Forget That Speech Has Consequences.” At the UCF Today web site.

This is What Happens When We Forget That Speech Has Consequences.” At the Huffington Post.

When We Forget That Our Speech Has Hard-Hitting Consequences.” At Ocala Star-Banner.

This is What Happens When We Forget That Our Speech Has Consequences.” At ContextFlorida.

You’ll also be able to find it in the print edition of the Brevard Business News, but I’m not sure that’s out yet. They republish online as a pdf edition, and here’s a link to the pdf where they published my “Digital Decluttering” column.

The most interesting part of this experience has been the online feedback and reader response that I’ve received. The past few days, especially, after I was published in the Ocala newspaper, I’ve gotten emails from a very different set of readers than I’d initially expected when I signed onto the project…these were newspaper readers in Ocala, not UCF students and faculty/staff who just happened to be reading the UCF Today web site online. I’d never expected to have a column in a newspaper, and yet there I was, there I am, and it’s been pretty damn cool.

Thanks to everyone for reading. Now: back to writing fiction.

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