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  • News Items!

    Well, here in Orlando, we’ve survived Hurricane Matthew…mostly…until it swings back around and pops us in the eye for gloating. I wanted to make a quick Fall 2016 posting to share a couple links. The first is about my “Rhetoric of Comics” course. I was recently interviewed by a student in the College of Arts […]

  • Orlando

    Oh. hello there. The week after the shooting at the Pulse nightclub was a difficult one for many of us in Orlando. I tried to organize my thoughts in comic form, posted the images on Facebook, and then was deeply honored to have Green Mountains Review publish the final comic on their site. I often use […]

  • An Essay, and a Review

    Last week, The Orlandoan was gracious enough to publish a series of my essays analyzing the depiction of Orlando in three young adult novels. The essay was occasioned by the release of John Green’s Paper Towns (which takes place in Orlando). I haven’t seen the movie yet, so feel free to post comments about it […]

  • Launch Week

    Here goes! So my new novella, The Things I Don’t See, has technically been “available” for a little over a month. If you pre-ordered, you should’ve received it in the mail by now. If you’ve seen me walking around town, you should’ve seen that I wear it around like a sandwich board. And if you’re […]

  • Speech and Consequences

    For your afternoon reading, here in May, my final personal essay for my year-long stint on the UCF Forum (a group of eight faculty and students who wrote a syndicated column every week on an alternating basis). To read a little more about the UCF Forum itself, check out this article in the Central Florida […]

  • UCF Book Fest

    The UCF Book Festival schedule is out! Check it out here, and be sure to visit my two panels/events. The first is: How Fiction Writers View Orlando with Burrow Press, at 11 AM on Saturday, April 5 (on the UCF Arena main stage). The second is: The Life of an American Fraternity Man with Nathan […]

  • Ahh, January

    Start of the year. Time to clean out the closet to make room for all the new crap you got over the holidays (including the new, larger pants you’re now forced to wear after having torn through the bottom of the last pair). In the spirit of Spring-cleaning and de-cluttering, check out my latest column, […]

  • Award Nominations

    Really excited that  two of my short stories this past year have been nominated for awards. “The Adventures of an Elderly Couple…” was nominated by Barrelhouse Magazine for the storySouth Million Writers Award. And “Submission Guidelines” was nominated by decomP for The Best of the Net 2013. Now that I’ve written this blog post, I’ve […]

  • The Reviews Are In…

    I’ll be flying to Chicago tomorrow to say goodbye to a much-loved uncle. I write a great deal about the struggles and difficulties that we face when attempting to be “the right kind of man” in a culture that’s tugging us in a thousand different directions, a thousand different conceptions of manhood, and I should […]

  • When We Say We’re Bored

    I’ve got a new column up at the Huffington Post (it was originally part of UCF Today‘s “Forum” series, and it’s also been re-printed at Context Florida). Follow this link to get to Huff Po, and give me a like/share/comment if you dig the column. Here’s the opening: “When We Say We’re Bored, What Are […]