The Things I Don’t See – Pre-Sale!

Here is the posting I’ve been looking forward to sharing!

My new novella, The Things I Don’t See, has an official page on the Main Street Rag Publishing Company’s online bookstore, and an official release date. In fact, you can even order it right now.

It would actually be my suggestion (gentle, but still enthusiastic) to follow this link and place your order during the limited-time-only pre-sale event. I honestly don’t know how long the pre-sale lasts, and while I realize that this is an over-clever infomercial type of expression (“Act now!” etc.), I can seriously tell you that–should you have even the remotest interest in ordering, and/or reading, and/or just sort of touching the book–you’ll want to order while the price is $6.00.

Yes, $6.00 pricetag during the pre-sale. Not a typo. Soon, the price will double to its actual “regular” cover price of $12.00. I am not a publisher, and I know nothing about print runs, and overhead, and all of that, so all I can say is that $6.00 is pretty frickin’ awesome, and it’s a price that will soon go away, and so, like, follow the link above and go buy at least two copies so that you’ll have an extra one in case teenagers break into your home and steal your first copy.  I mean, $6.00? That’s how much I pay for used copies of unpopular books when I search through Amazon’s marketplace…and my book is neither “used” nor “unpopular,” so…

Below is the cover to my novella, and I think it looks pretty spectacular. A million thanks to Lesley Silvia for the gorgeous colors, and for turning a sketch of mine into a full-color replica of an old 1950s EC comic cover.

Things I Dont See

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