We Creep Closer…

As we creep closer to the release date for The Things I Don’t See, my new novella, it’s exciting to see that other people are, like, actually talking about the book.

The first is the Orlando Weekly, our alternative newspaper here in town. They’ve been incredibly supportive of the work I’ve done with Burrow Press, and of my first novel (American Fraternity Man), and it was exciting to see The Things I Don’t See mentioned in an article today about books they’re looking forward to in 2015.

The second is The Drunken Odyssey, my favorite literature and culture-themed podcast, hosted by the brilliant and funny John King. John reads the first page(s) of my new book at the start of his latest podcast, then delves into the 15 Views of Miami collection (I was the series editor!) as he interviews editor Jaquira Diaz, who put together a truly amazing book. Listeners also get to hear Jaquira read a page or two from her novel, which is totally worth the price of admission. (It’s a free download, of course, for the uninitiated.)

And also pretty cool: there’s this, from the blog of bestselling author Jeff Vandermeer, who recently visited Orlando. He talks with Ryan Rivas at Burrow Press (with whom I’ve spent a lot of time and energy in constructing the “15 Views” series), and says some great things about the Orlando literary community. Ryan’s such a smart, caring, and hard-working editor and publisher…it’s awesome to see him getting the regional and national attention that he deserves for his efforts.

That’s all for today. Happy holidays to all of my loyal blog followers, and–if you’re looking for a way to spend that extra $6 in your paycheck–remember to hit up the Things I Don’t See pre-sale, which concludes very soon!

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