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  • 2022 Updates

    Happy 2022! I realized, just recently, that I haven’t updated my web site or my blog since…well, since a month before the pandemic really descended upon us. I’d imagine that’s relatively common for most of us, as we’ve seen our lives demarcated into two specific eras: Before Pandemic, and In the Years of the Pandemic […]

  • Book Covers and Comics!

    A couple quick updates, from Nathan Holic the artist (as opposed to Nathan Holic the fiction writer, or even Nathan Holic the editor or Nathan Holic the sometimes-blogger)! Last Fall, I had the opportunity to teach a class called The Rhetoric of Comics. It was a blast, and I savored every second of it. I […]

  • Launch Week

    Here goes! So my new novella, The Things I Don’t See, has technically been “available” for a little over a month. If you pre-ordered, you should’ve received it in the mail by now. If you’ve seen me walking around town, you should’ve seen that I wear it around like a sandwich board. And if you’re […]

  • The Reviews Are In…

    I’ll be flying to Chicago tomorrow to say goodbye to a much-loved uncle. I write a great deal about the struggles and difficulties that we face when attempting to be “the right kind of man” in a culture that’s tugging us in a thousand different directions, a thousand different conceptions of manhood, and I should […]

  • When We Say We’re Bored

    I’ve got a new column up at the Huffington Post (it was originally part of UCF Today‘s “Forum” series, and it’s also been re-printed at Context Florida). Follow this link to get to Huff Po, and give me a like/share/comment if you dig the column. Here’s the opening: “When We Say We’re Bored, What Are […]

  • Functionally Literate

    (Hope to see you there! Super-stoked about this, especially because it might very well be the last reading at Urban ReThink. So come. Be part of history.)

  • Clutter Returns

    If you’re an avid reader of All Things Holic (there might be someone out there who fits under this description…maybe? seriously, does anyone want to step up and be a Holic-aholic?), you might have noticed that my serialized graphic novel “Clutter” went on hiatus sometime last Fall. It’s okay. Don’t worry. The project wasn’t abandoned. […]

  • Marketing My Writing: Part II

    The following is the second essay in a series (that I might or might not continue to write) exploring my own curiosity and dread at having to market my first novel. “Like-Watching,” and Facebook Givers/Takers Back in the day, there seemed to be only one real use for Facebook: the term “social networking” was broad, […]

  • Marketing My Writing: Part 1

    The following is the first essay in a series (that I might or might not continue to write) exploring my own curiosity and dread at having to market my first novel. “Facebook Anxiety” Every time that I hear of someone deactivating or deleting their Facebook profile, I give a silent “whoo-hoo!” and/or “you go, girl!” […]

  • American Fraternity Man – Pre-Sale and Chapbooks

    I haven’t written much about this subject on this blog yet, but that will change very soon… My first novel, American Fraternity Man, will be released this May. And yes, it’s required summer reading for anyone who makes it a point to read a novel during the summer months. Are you curious about the book? […]