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  • Functionally Literate

    Had the opportunity to do a super-fun reading while I was at AWP in Boston in early March. The reading series is called Functionally Literate, hosted by the very funny (but not very tall) Jared Silvia. #burn Check out the following link to see video of all of the readers, including Jeff Parker (who read […]

  • Some Thoughts on Comics and Mixed-Media Literature

    As we enter the sauna that is summertime (in Florida, at least!), and as the world searches for great Beach Reads (if you live in Middle America, are they called “Beach Reads” still?), I figured I’d share some thoughts on a few recent books I’ve tackled. Because I’ve been immersed in comic creation over the […]

  • 15 Views of Orlando Continues

    I’m not sure if I’ve posted about it here before, but now’s as good a time as any. Our second sequence of “15 Views of Orlando” stories began a few weeks ago, and it’s going full-steam ahead. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of the “15 Views of Orlando” collection, it’s pretty simple: because Orlando, […]

  • How to Write Orlando

    The second part of my interview/ conversation with author Lavinia Ludlow is now up at Curbside Splendor Publishing. Amongst other things, we discuss how the Florida humidity affects characterization, and how the tourism industry impacts Orlandoans on a daily basis. What’s it like to grow up in the shadow of the mouse, and to have […]

  • Reading Books While Burping My Baby

    I know that it seems that the majority of my postings lately have been about my baby, or about fatherhood, but you know what? When you have kids, you start to view the world through the lens of parenthood. Impossible to get away from that. I can guarantee I’ll never be one of those people […]

  • Peeling

    Today is my newborn son’s three-month birthday. For anyone who has never been pregnant, or has never had a child, maybe this doesn’t sound impressive. But trust me: when you’re a father, every step of the journey is an important one, a memorable one. Even the pregnancy itself is fraught with drama and tension, some […]

  • New e-book collaboration with Lindsay Hunter!

    The folks over at Artistically Declined Press have been doing some great things in print and online, including a full catalogue of short pdf e-books. All are free, and all can be easily downloaded and then added to your Goodreads shelf. Recently, I was able to do a comic collaboration with the always-entertaining Lindsay Hunter […]

  • The Gift, a comic adaptation

    Check out my latest comic adaptation, over at LITnIMAGE. I worked with the mighty Ben Tanzer, a Chicago indie-lit god, on his short story “The Gift” (which was originally published at The2ndHand). Check it out at the link here, and let me know what you think. This is probably my favorite comic adaptation I’ve created […]

  • 15 Views of Orlando – RELEASE PARTY!!!

    The above subject heading uses three total exclamation points, which–in the words of my old mentor Jeanne Leiby–is the lifetime total allowed to a writer. And man, I used them all at once. But the subject certainly calls for some exclamation points. If you didn’t know (i.e. you don’t ever talk to me, or you […]

  • New Comic Adaptation

    This past year, I’ve been privileged to work with a number of excellent small-press authors, crafting comic adaptations of their short stories (and excerpts of their novels). I’ve already posted links to my adaptation of a scene from Lavinia Ludlow’s Alt.Punk and Steve Himmer’s The Bee-Loud Glade. So here is my adaptation of J. Bradley’s […]