American Fraternity Man – Pre-Sale and Chapbooks

I haven’t written much about this subject on this blog yet, but that will change very soon…

My first novel, American Fraternity Man, will be released this May. And yes, it’s required summer reading for anyone who makes it a point to read a novel during the summer months.

Are you curious about the book? I hope so. If not, I can be mysterious, and make passing references to sex and alcohol and parties and conspiracies (“This book’s got it all!”), etc. I can also say cryptic comments in the movie-trailer voice (“One man. One mission. One book.” Etc.).

But the best way to learn more about the book is to come to There Will Be Words this coming Tuesday (April 9), a monthly prose reading series in downtown Orlando, where I’ll read a short excerpt of the book. The excerpt has also been printed in a limited-run chapbook, available to those who (this is the exciting part) pre-order the book. That’s right! The book–starting on April 9–will officially be available for pre-order! That makes it official, methinks.

Don’t worry. That’s not the actual cover of the book, and this isn’t the actual book itself. This is just a limited-run, hand-crafted chapbook, and the illustrations come from the interior of the novel (there are some text/image moments throughout). We won’t have the photos of the cover art to share for a couple more weeks, but rest assured: I will be posting them to this blog as soon as I get them, probably because I will be bursting with excitement.

That’s all for now, though. Stay tuned for more information on the book. And consider yourself invited to There Will Be Words on Tuesday, April 9. Please help pack the room; after reading Adam Mansbach’s hilarious “Hell is My Own Book Tour,” I’m terrified of reading to empty spaces!

One response to “American Fraternity Man – Pre-Sale and Chapbooks”

  1. Congratulations Nate! We are proud of you – looking forward to hearing more about this later this month.

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