Today is my newborn son’s three-month birthday.

For anyone who has never been pregnant, or has never had a child, maybe this doesn’t sound impressive. But trust me: when you’re a father, every step of the journey is an important one, a memorable one.

Even the pregnancy itself is fraught with drama and tension, some of it very positive (boy or girl?), some of it nerve-racking (when are we going to get pregnant? will we have a healthy child?), and while it might seem very ordinary to outsiders, it can definitely put a strain on the individuals in a relationship.

On that note, I thought I’d share a quick writing update that coincides perfectly with my son’s three-month birthday. I’m grateful to Necessary Fiction for publishing this piece, a short story called “Peeling,” which is my best effort at capturing the real emotional strain on a couple who has difficulty getting pregnant.

It’s also about beer. Craft beer. Microbrews, from Cigar City in Tampa (my favorite) to Sweetwater in Atlanta.

Hope you enjoy the story. It’s the most honest I’ll probably ever get about the journey toward pregnancy and having a child.

The story is here.

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