Functionally Literate

Had the opportunity to do a super-fun reading while I was at AWP in Boston in early March. The reading series is called Functionally Literate, hosted by the very funny (but not very tall) Jared Silvia. #burn

Check out the following link to see video of all of the readers, including Jeff Parker (who read a “found poem” of Ron Artest quotes, which was hilarious), James Fleming (who read a story about Mr. T which I probably can’t explain in a way that make sense), Don Peteroy (who read from his book “Wally”), Juliana Gray (a poet, who also read a few pieces from Erica Swanson), and David James Poissant (who read a quiet piece from the Beloit Fiction Journal, I believe, and who has continually surprises me with the range of his work).

My story was called “How To Tell Whether Your Demon Baby Needs To Go To The Doctor.” I think that was the title? Let me know what you think.


2 responses to “Functionally Literate”

  1. Talking about your baby all the time–or in your case, writing about it–is stale material and a rather lame avenue of expression. The world gets its fill of baby material from the puffy ranks of all the new mothers on Facebook. Don’t go soft on us, Ponyboy.

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