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  • Re-Experiencing the ’80s Through Horror Flicks

    As you might recently have seen from my essay “The Horror Aisle” at The Burrow Press Review, I’ve tried–over the last couple years–to re-watch and re-experience the ’80s and ’90s through old horror flicks. In that essay, I described my experiences with the movies The Sleeping Car and Dark Side of the Moon. But there […]

  • Oh, the Horror

    Two quick links for you, this Sunday afternoon in early November. First, my epic essay “The Horror Aisle” is up at Burrow Press Review. It’s an exploration of my lifelong obsession with horror movies, and a walk down memory lane for those of you who remember what it was like to spend thirty or forty […]

  • Midnight Meat Train

    Even though Midnight Meat Train sounds like a really terrible porno, I was able to convince my wife that it was acceptable for me to rent because Bradley Cooper is the star. Granted, she still wouldn’t watch it with me, but I just want to go on record by saying this, first and foremost: God […]

  • Wizard of Gore

    So the name of the movie is Wizard of Gore, and I know what you’re thinking: why would you ever rent a movie called Wizard of Gore and expect it to be any good? That’s a valid question, I suppose, right up there with, “Why did you buy Redneck Zombies on VHS when you were […]

  • Cabin Fever 2

    So…there’s a special place in my heart for direct-to-video horror sequels. And I can’t really explain why. Maybe it’s because, when I was younger, my parents used to give me a wad of cash and let me wander the old “Video Giant” and pick out horror movies in October as part of their “seven movies […]

  • Best Worst Movie

    “Best Worst Movie” is too good to be true, a documentary about one of the most ridiculous movies ever created…And because I’d never seen “Troll 2” (the best worst movie that this documentary profiles), every excerpt and every reference was made that much more ridiculous. You’ll watch a scene from the film and you’ll think, […]

  • The Box (2009)

      It’s tough to be super-critical of “The Box,” because it’s the sort of movie that really does take chances, and it really wants to be the sort of horror movie whose story offers deep commentary on society and culture. Most horror movies are satisfied, after all, with a mildly interesting concept (or a killer/slasher […]

  • Paranormal Activity II, and the Motivations of Demons

    I’ve learned not to expect too much from horror sequels. Last week, after all, I watched Lost Boys: The Thirst, and I don’t need to write a review to tell you how that one turned out. And anyone remember Blair Witch 2, which was much slicker than the original but which took that franchise into […]

  • Nathan’s New “Nightmare”

    The original “Nightmare on Elm Street” series had a strangely profound impact on me when I was a kid. The third film (“Dream Warriors”) was the first R-rated horror movie that I was allowed to watch on my own, thanks to a birthday gift of a VCR, and a few blank VHS tapes on which […]

  • Feast II: Sloppy Seconds

    I don’t remember being impressed by the original Feast, but because I have a sick fascination with direct-to-video sequels, I decided to rent Feast II: Sloppy Seconds. This came right on the heels of Cabin Fever 2, which was not only a massive disappointment, but an unrelenting and mean-spirited gross-out/gore-fest without redeeming characters or plot. […]