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  • Funny Games, and Horror as Social Commentary

    Funny Games is a slick and stylish horror film, very moody and atmospheric and tense throughout its entire running time, but it absolutely fails in its director’s mission to create a worthwhile piece of social commentary. Here’s the basic premise: a rich white family is summering at a lake, and suddenly some teenagers (who claim […]

  • Romero’s 2000s-Era Zombies

    Diary of the Dead Though its commentary is sometimes weak (or too obvious), Diary of the Dead uses the camcorder-shot footage to great, frightening effect. There’s a real function behind the form, unlike Cloverfield, Quarantine, and other gimmicky “video-taped” films. Romero goes back to the basics of what made Night of the Living Dead and […]

  • The Fourth Kind offers a fresh new approach for a movie, a film where the actors are identified as actors and purposefully break the “fourth wall” in order to speak directly to the audience and give credibility to the supposed documentary/interview footage that is interspersed throughout. The director himself appears in the film, tells us […]

  • Friday the 13th Re-Imagined…but still mediocre.

    I never liked the original “Friday the 13th,” and yet I somehow wound up renting and watching every single film in the franchise. The worst, I think, was Part IV, or maybe V, which seemed to have been produced in about ten minutes, and featured only random stock footage of Jason walking quickly through the […]

  • Kids = Scary

    Smart kids are scary. And kids with bad intentions are scary. Especially when no one wants to believe the adult’s word over the child’s. And we’ve seen this concept played out to great and frightening success with films like “Joshua” and “The Omen.” Evil children who manipulate adults and cause ridiculous mayhem, simply because the […]

  • Creature Feature Sequel

    Though “The Descent Part II” was a nice little horror movie, a fun and sometimes-scary return to a world that…well, technically, we never really wanted to return to…it really only functions as a fun little diversion. Some of the same actors return, certainly (and so the characters are involved in an ongoing story…this isn’t one […]

  • Jennifer’s Body

    I was really hoping I’d like “Jennifer’s Body.” We’ve had quite a few good-to-great horror comedies in the last few years (most of them dealing with zombies, from “Zombieland” to “Shaun of the Dead” to “Fido”), and with “Juno” scriptwriter Diablo Cody handling the script here, I thought we might see an insightful and humorous […]

  • Predators: God Bless Creature Franchises

    Really, “Predators” is almost the same film as the original, which should tell you whether you will like it or not. Bunch of military-types out in the jungle, getting hunted, trying to figure out how to survive, trying to learn what is actually hunting them, etc. If you want a violent shoot ’em up, mixed […]

  • Dead Snow: Nazi Zombies

    “Dead Snow” lets us know, from the very start, what we are going to get: it’s Norwegian, set in the snowy mountains (at a cabin far from any civilization), and there are Nazi zombies who inhabit the dark woods outside the cabin. With that sort of premise, you’re the only one to blame if you […]

  • The Problem with Haunted Houses…

    As far as haunted house movies go, “The Haunting in Connecticut” isn’t bad. In fact, it has a lot going for it: the premise is unique, first and foremost, and the characters all feel fresh. At the story’s center is a boy suffering through cancer treatment, and the film actually does an admirable job of […]